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Royd Press at The Book Case

Royd Press is based at The Book Case in Hebden Bridge and was set up in 2007 to publish or reprint books of local interest, mainly historical. "Royd" is a common local place-name element which means "clearing", reflecting the originally heavily-wooded nature of the area on the valley sides and bottom (the German equivalent is "roden").

These titles can be ordered by contacting us at the above address.
To the Sea in Ships: Captain J C Robinson of the Union-Castle Line: (and His Brother Damnation Joe) edited by Felicity Potter

The memoirs of Captain J C Robinson of the Union Castle Line. A fascinating account including memories of WWI, maritime adventure, and the personalities of the day.

Trouble at T'Mill: The 1826 Yorkshire Weavers' Riots by George Ingle

The turmoil of the 1826 Yorkshire Weavers' Riots by an established textile historian and speaker. Riots by starving hand loom weavers in Addingham, Bradford and Gargrave led to military defence of mills throughout West Yorkshire. Local men and boys were killed in attacks on the mills, and several of the rioters were eventually arrested and sentenced to death.

Sowerby Tales by Jean Illingworth

Sowerby Tales tells the stories of life in a Pennine village through the tales of those who have lived and worked there over the years. Not only is this a fascinating social history, but Jean's engaging and conversational writing makes this a wonderful read. Out just in time for Christmas this will makes a wonderful gift, not only for locals but for anyone intested in the social history of the area.

Growing Up in Sowerby ... and More by Jean Illingworth

The ancient hilltop village of Sowerby with its fine Georgian church can be seen for miles around. Jean Illingworth's engaging history weaves her own memories with the recollections of others in her local community to reveal a rich and detailed picture of the life and character of this "very special" place. Many old photographs and illustrations. ISBN: 978-0-9556204-78, £9.99

At the Foot of the Lud - a history of Luddenden Foot - Sheena Ellwood

Four and a half miles west of Halifax the Luddenden Brook, also known as the Lud, flows down past Luddenden to meet the River Calder at Luddenden Foot. The village at the foot of the Lud hardly existed before 1800 but in the nineteenth century, when the domestic system of textile manufacturing was replaced by the factory system, it grew as a workhorse of the industrial revolution. It had its own local government from 1868 until 1937. Only the footprints of many of the huge buildings remain but fifty years ago at Luddenden Foot there was a vibrant community. A Royd Press publication. 978-1-907197-05-5 62 photos, 13 maps (£9.99)

Yorkshire Dales Textile Mills - George Ingle

New from the author of Yorkshire Cotton, the result of over fifty years' research into the textile mills of the Yorkshire Dales, in the days when large mills employing considerable workforces - especially children - stood in popular beauty spots like Malhamdale and Aysgarth. George Ingle gives the background to the development of over seventy mills in the Dales and explains how they frequently changed from spinning one fibre to another. These mills are described from their foundation to their demise - only one is still in production - with over 70 illustrations. The book shows how local cottage industries in the Dales such as hand-spinning, weaving and knitting began to be superseded in the late 18th century as mechanisation and industrialisation took on the large-scale supply of textiles of different kinds for the mass market. Sites covered include the areas around Skipton, Settle and Sedbergh, Wharfedale and Littondale, together with the Washburn Valley, Wensleydale and Swaledale. Information about the firms, child labour, and hand-loom weavers' riots is included as well as details of the buildings, the machinery in them and their power sources. 978-1-907197-000, £9.99


Lively and readable reports on conditions in Victorian textile towns, edited by textile historian Chris Aspin (author of the Shire Albums on "The Cotton Industry"and "The Wool Industry": In 1849, energetic young journalist Angus Bethune Reach visited the textile towns of Yorkshire and Lancashire and sent his graphic reports to The Morning Chronicle. His gift of reproducing exactly what people said and what he saw brings them and the scenes back to bustling animated life.

Fabrics, Filth and Fairy Tents: the Yorkshire Textile Districts in 1849 - Angus Bethune Reach, ed. Chris Aspin

In 1849 Scottish investigative journalist Angus Bethune Reach toured the textile areas of the West Riding to report on the condition of the working class for the Morning Chronicle (which also published Mayhew's famous London reports). He visited Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Batley, Halifax, Bradford and Leeds; he praised some employers (Holdsworth's in Halifax, Marshall's in Leeds) but also found filth, squalor, extreme poverty, lethal working conditions and official apathy. Reach interviewed a wide range of people, both management and workers, Yorkshire, Irish and immigrants from other parts of the country. His reports and the words of the people he spoke to bring to life how the glory days of the Yorkshire textile industry felt from the underside. ISBN: 978-0-9556204-0-9 £6.95

A Cotton-Fibre Halo: Manchester and the Textile Districts in 1849 - Angus Bethune Reach, ed. Chris Aspin

In 1849, Angus Reach visited the textile towns around Manchester and sent his graphic reports to The Morning Chronicle. Reach visited the mills, interviewed management and workers and described what he saw; went into people's homes, decent or filthy, talked to the tenants and described the interiors and furniture; he interviewed the Manchester druggists who were supplying an often lethal opium mixture for babies, and the parents affected, talked to teachers, booksellers and librarians to find out what people wanted, recorded the comments of the poor Irish immigrants and visited a Manchester music hall. This book covers Manchester, Ashton- under-Lyne, Oldham, Egerton, Macclesfield, Middleton and Saddleworth. The latter towns were chosen as being different in some way from the "typical" cotton town, so that his reports on Manchester may stand for many of those not mentioned. "A must-have for anyone reseaching the northern textile districts in 1849" - BBC Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine ISBN: 978-0-9556204-4-7 - £7.99

Phyllis Bentley's historical novels for children

Halifax novelist Dr Phyllis Bentley's best-known work is the immensely popular adult novel "Inheritance", first published in 1932, which takes the Oldroyd family from the Luddite rebellion against cropping frames in the early nineteenth century up to the post-WWI years. However, in the 1960s she also wrote three historical novels for children, covering different facets of the valley's past, and combining a lively re-telling of actual events with well-observed local characters and speech-patterns and the places and nature she knew so well. We are publishing these three books as the "Tales from the Tops" series

Gold Pieces - Phyllis Bentley
Hilltop handloom weaver's son Dick Wade is pleased to find a boy of his own age to play with, but is he a true friend? Whose is the injured dog found on the moors? And who is flooding the area with clipped and forged coins, bringing the London authorities in with their questions and house searches? A gripping story based on the real history of the Cragg Vale Coiners, giving a fascinating insight into life in the Calder Valley and the local weaving industry over 200 years ago. (£5.95) ISBN: 978-0-9556204-1-6

Ned Carver in Danger - Phyllis Bentley
The second of our reprints of the respected Halifax novelist's exciting historical novels for young people - a 13-year-old boy starts work at a Calder Valley cropping shop in 1812 just as his friend's mill-owning father introduces the cropping frames that will put his skilled companions out of work. Ned's sympathies are with the Luddites who plot violence. (£5.95) ISBN: 978-0-9556204-2-3

The Adventures of Tom Leigh - Phyllis Bentley
First young Tom, newly arrived in the Calder Valley from Suffolk in 1722, loses his father; then he himself is threatened when as a weaver's apprentice, he uncovers a crime. The context is that of the daily life of business at a hilltop clothier's in the days of tenterfields, when cloth was stretched to dry on posts in the fields and sold through the Piece Hall in Halifax.(£5.95) ISBN: 978-0-9556204-3-0


The Jingle Book by Chris Aspin (£4.95)
 A new book of nonsense verse! The poems deal with, among other things, a ban on comic socks, a boy arrested for throwing a sausage, post-smoking-ban ashtrays, palindromes, anagrams and much more, including a short story about the Devil's visit to Rochdale. There's also a specially written poem about Liszt's breakfast at Hebden Bridge's White Lion pub on December 15th, 1840. ISBN: 978-0-9556204-5-4

A Load of New Rubbish by Chris Aspin (£4.99)
New from our own Royd House and Rossendale-based historian Chris Aspin, light-hearted verse reflecting on the absurdities of modern life, with a Grand Opera included! The cover picture was done by Book Case member of staff Simon Manfield. ISBN: 978-0-9556204-9-2

Albert, the Lion and the Monkey by Chris Aspin (£4.99
Albert finally gets the better of the lion, Simple Simon dispenses wisdom, and other strange happenings abound! The cover cartoon was especially drawn by Dick Graham, ex-editorial cartoonist for the Manchester Evening News. ISBN: 978-1-907197-017

The Owl and the Pussycat by Chris Aspin (£4.99)

"New Light on an Old Legend". Nothing's to be taken for granted in this latest collection of offbeat verse and prose from Chris Aspin. Well-known poems take an unexpected turn, great figures of history are pithily portrayed in verse, weird and wonderful things happen to assorted animals, while there are strange goings on in the world of the KGB. Meanwhile Simple Simon continues to outwit cleverer folk! The cover cartoon was especially drawn by Dick Graham, ex-editorial cartoonist for the Manchester Evening News. ISBN: 978-1-907197-03-1

Fanny Eliza Johnson: A Thoroughly Modern Victorian Headmistress, Bolton High School for Girls 1888-1893 - Veronica Millington, £6.99.

Available from Bolton School